To stay fit and healthy, it is important that you should have a healthy digestive system. Improper food habits and digestion problems can disturb the normal bowel pattern of the body and make it irregular. This can further cause several serious skin problems and can also cause hair loss issue.
Digestion affects the entire health of a person.Therefore, to improve the digestive system, a person can practice yoga for the digestive system. Yoga is one of the best and natural solutions to improve the digestion system. People with the problem of irregular bowel syndrome and constipation can get instant relief if they practice yoga for constipation regularly.

Yoga workout includes different types of breathing techniques that are practiced that help to bring more energy to the body and also helps to remove toxins that are formed within after consumption of improper foodstuff. The toxic substances are formed due to excessive stress as well as an unhealthy lifestyle.
So here are some of the yoga poses that can help you improve your digestion:-

Camel pose,This is one of most practiced yoga asana that helps in alleviating constipation issues by stretching the stomach and the intestines.

Triangle pose, this yoga posture helps to improve digestion, stimulate appetite and alleviate constipation. 

This posture massages the abdominal organs and improves digestive ailments and diseases.

Wind-relieving yoga pose, this posture helps to remove gastrointestinal issues and also strengthens the abdominal muscles. 

Boat pose, this posture helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and also stretches the intestines. This helps in the secretion of the digestive juices which helps in better digestion.

Seated forward bend pose, this posture relieves constipation and also massages the abdominal organs. It also helps to reduce abdominal fat.

Following a proper and healthy diet plan for a better digestive system is also important. Yoga and healthy diet work best. So you should consume food that improves digestion and also practice yoga regularly to get best results.Here is a diet plan that you can follow for a healthy digestive system: Consume cereals like oats. Eat fibrous food items like beetroots, lentils, beans, and peas. Avoid eating left-over food and consume freshly cooked meals. Consume fresh fruits like bananas, apples, avocados which are among the best fruits that help in digestion. It is very important for you to drink plenty of water each day. This will not only help to improve digestion but will also help to flush out the toxins from the body. Avoid eating junk food items and oily food.

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